Beck Meets · Out And About


I was so excited yesterday when my really good friend whom I have known since high school, Gloria came to pick Beck and I to treat us for lunch. I am that friend, you know the friend that calls and keeps in touch and spoils you and wants to know what’s good or bad in your life, that’s me, so this was a welcome change when Gloria planned to take me and my little peanut to lunch.

It has been a long while since I had a nice brunch with any of my girlfriends. It’s not so easy especially since most of them live in different countries so there’s not so much we can do till we visit each other and its became even harder with a newborn. I have to admit that talking on social media is getting to me now. I crave the days when a friend would call and we could meet up and talk face to face. Our generation is so different now. Being a new mom, I’m asking myself, why don’t people call any more? what’s different? Is it because my close friends aren’t experiencing the same thing as I am? Of course our priorities have changed but does that alter making “that” effort in friendship?

I know some friends who are just relying on my facebook, whatsapp and instagram statuses and pictures as a medium to catch up with me and it’s such a shame especially if we are a phone call away and with Beck here, It would be nice if one made the effort to come and actually see him.

My mom has been visiting from Johannesburg to see her grandchild and I have witnessed what they call “kushikilia mtoto” which is Swahili for “welcoming the baby”. In my mothers’ time, friends and family made a point to see someone’s newborn, drink tea and catch up. Our generation is so far from that. I wonder what’s going to happen when Beck has his children. Will robots attend baby showers and deliver baby gifts?

Anyway enough of my rambling… Here are pics of Beck, Gloria and I’s lunch date… a lot of girl talk, some wine and laughs was just what the doctor ordered. Beck was so well behaved just staring at the world around him in peace.


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