Nanny Trouble

5 weeks post baby and I have been interviewing nannies and it’s the most frustrating thing finding someone to care for your baby. Let me just say that I believe that I can take care of my own baby. I can do whatever it takes to make sure Beck is in a safe and loving environment. Well for now I can… When I get back to work I will have to trust another woman to care for my baby. The thought gives me nightmares. The only other woman I trust my baby with is my mother… Well duh she raised me and 4 other kids flawlessly…

The quest for a nanny for me was ideally so I could get some sleep as I have been on some serious zombie mode. I have been trying to get back to the old Claire … Well some of the old Claire. It’s advised that you should sleep when the baby sleeps and I have really tried but my body just can’t sleep on cue in the mornings.
This past week I tried to sleep while he slept and I think I need more practice. Le hubby says that I need to get all the gadgets out of reach when it’s nap time but sometimes it’s hard to stop scrolling down my IG feed and before I know it, Beck is awake and the cycle starts again. Diaper. Feed. Burp. Hiccups. A little Playtime. Sleep.

I found this agency whose nannies sell like hotcakes ;). Women are trained weekly, they graduate and are placed in homes immediately. I missed out on two nannies because I couldn’t make a decision on whether I actually wanted one. Then I interviewed another as a referral from a friend that stood up and left as soon as I couldn’t meet her salary expectation, She said she got paid 27,000 kshs per month for her last job. I mean really? I haven’t paid that much for help even in Johannesburg.
Then last week, I finally accepted one, a referral from our neighbors’ maid. This was her friend. I interviewed her and she mentioned she has worked for a French household and lived in Paris for 8months and she had been taking care of children for 15 years “Kazi yangu ni watoto ” she kept on repeating and I felt like we could try her out. The fact that she reminded me of my grandma was comforting.

Day 1 was okay, I couldn’t relinquish control yet. Day 2, I found out she might be a better housekeeper than the one we have because as I still took care of Beck she occupied herself with managing the house. Day 3, I decided to give Beck to her so I could work on the blog but Beck wouldn’t stop crying every time she held him.

PS: Beck never cries when I give him to anyone

Day 4, it’s time to give Beck his bath and I decided to show her our bath routine. I asked her get me the bubble bath and she just fumbled and picked the wrong thing. I asked her to read the bottle labels and she was completely flustered. Beck was undressed and crying so I just continued to to wash him and Beck fell asleep right after it.

I already knew we had a big problem but I had be sure. I asked her to make a bottle for Beck from my “pumped” supply. Upon delivery,I asked her to tell me how many milliliters of milk she made and she couldn’t tell me. I asked her to read the number on the packets and she told me a number that wouldn’t have made sense as I always pump 60ml or 120ml packets. I finally offered her bible to read me a verse but she excused herself pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, my new nanny wasn’t bonding with Beck and on top of that she couldn’t read… I had no idea on how to deal with the situation but I knew for sure that she wasn’t the right fit. I spoke to le hubby and he suggested just asking her point blank period but that’s seriously awkward. I slept on it… Well that’s a lie… Beck slept on it 😉 and the next day I knew I had to fire her. Having a nanny who relied on memory to do almost everything wouldn’t do me any favors. We want Beck to have a nanny that plays an active role in his speech and diction. A nanny that can read stories to him. Especially a nanny that can read instructions off a medication leaflet if Beck is sick and needs medical attention ASAP. So as much as she was an beautiful nurturing older woman who I was hoping to trust with Beck in the near future, I let her go.

It’s extremely hard to be a new mom and to find great help in Nairobi. There’s so many horror stories of what women do at their places of work because most of them these days are primarily motivated by money. I wonder if I will find a nanny that I love or will I resign and become a housewife… 😉 😉 😉

So the quest for another nanny continues…

What are the most important things you would want from a nanny? Or what are the best qualities of the nanny you currently have. Please comment on this post and let me know…

3 thoughts on “Nanny Trouble

  1. Finding a nanny is not easy and takes a lot of patience and training. And if you happen to be like me, then it’s even harder. I love doing things on my own because I am sure I will do them perfectly. I thought I would manage handling my son all by myself but 8 months down the line I realize I need help. Mothers need help. Even if it’s 1 or 2 hours break away from our little monsters….we need it. For the sake of sanity. Wish you all the best.

    Lora by Lora


  2. Finding a nanny is not easy. One needs alot of patience. I found one whose good with baby so i decided to train her on the other things


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