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Flashbacks of A Mom (Not A Fool)

Well my title refers to one of my favourite films, Flashbacks of a Fool starring Daniel Craig… It really has nothing to do with this post, I just stole and tweaked their title. But something worth mentioning is that I love the dancing sequence in the film to “If There Was Something” by Roxy Music

Moving on, it’s 5am and Beck woke up at 3am for a feeding, I tried to go back to bed but keep thinking of the dstv remote I misplaced before bedtime. So I placed Beck on his feeding pillow as he cooed away then dozed off and start ransacking the last few places I was before I lost the remote.

I found the March True Love East Africa Magazine issue and decided to go through a little flashback session. Ok so it’s late February and I was handling some PR for our show STAY, my older sister sent me a contact, Stella Adi whose a writer here in Nairobi and writes for True Love East Africa. We knew each other when we both lived in Johannesburg. I was looking for a feature for our lead actress Mkamzee and because she has already been featured not too long ago on True Love East Africa so Stella suggested that I feature myself and talk about STAY. Mission Accomplished!!! A few weeks later I went for the Photoshoot at Emmanuel Jambo Photography studio.

Let me just say how February was a great month for me. I was about 19 weeks pregnant. I got a new haircut (1st time trying it and it was really classy) I found out the sex of my baby on the 31st of January 2014 then got a quick job with KPLC (I have done their photography and video for past year on their Charity Cup Event) then I had my True Love photo shoot, I also attended my first Fashion High Tea (Kenya’s most coveted fashion event) then I got engaged ding* ding * ding * ding* on Valentines Day so God was really making everything happen for me at that time. I felt so blessed.





( with my brothers from another mother Film maker VJ ONE (his film gadget game is one another level…jealous 😉  and Photographer Kevin Kemama. )



(with model Marjolein Blokland , Leading Fashion Blogger Frankie aka Kenyan Stylista Kenya’s Rep on the first Africa’s Next Top Model Marwa Faiza and Fashion Stylist Wambui Thimba (i remember I was hiding my baby bump at that time she was serving MAJOR body in that outfit and I wanted to trade outfits so bad lol;) )

My photo shoot was amazing and I was surprised at how relaxed I felt in front of the camera. It’s one thing when I’m taking pictures at home of my OOTD then it’s another when you have to pose and center yourself and deliver in a room full of other women. There was about 10 women in the studio while I shot my feature. I was also extremely nervous about showing my pregnancy as at that time and I wasn’t ready to share with anyone apart from my family about my now beautiful son, Beck. Anyway I had the prefect outfit, got my make up done and got in front of the camera and 5 flicks later and the photographer said ” I’m sure I have my shot” Confidence Boost Much!!!!???! Lol

Anywho here are some pictures of that great month and most importantly my feature on TLEA… I will have to do a post on my engagement soon… (Still dreamy when I think about it now)

I was featured on True Love East Africa’s Success Issue

Their tagline was “Not Yet 30 & on Top of the Heap”

I am so proud that I was the youngest featured on this particular issue 😉 best quarter of a century gift








So after all this, I didn’t get the remote but I’m going to get catch a 30 minute power nap before Beck wakes up. We have a full day today, he is 8 weeks and we are going for some vaccinations and his 2 month hospital appointment… Oh shit, he’s moving… I bet that nap will just have to wait till later… Good Morning Nairobi 😉


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