Beck Meets


Here are some pictures of who Beck got to hang out with on his 2nd month 🙂IMG_3061

Beck with his Grandma on the usual Sunday Visits. Redifining Hot Grandma 😉IMG_3092.JPGBeck and Aunt Gloria( one of my oldest friends) making facesIMG_3177.JPG

Beck and Aunt Barbara whose an extremely talented Designer and Art Director… Check out her site them2k.comIMG_3191.JPG

How cute are Aunt Akoth and Beck….. awwww. family is made for this 😉IMG_3204.JPGIMG_3189.JPG

We had a barbecue a few weekends ago. Beck and Aunt Maryanne of The Event Photographer. I hope Beck will have some musical talent like his dad, @ChemutaiSage and @KingKanja



Beck with his older brothers Xan and Aden on our little Getaway to Watamu


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