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Just talking to my friend Renee who is expecting and having a baby shower soon and I got so many memories. So I’m taking a walk down memory lane today. I was fortunate enough to have two baby showers. I live in two countries and have people I care a lot about in both countries so it made sense to have two. I have always treated my pregnancy like it would be the only one to experience so I thought why not? life is too short.

I like to have control of things so I was the annoying guest of honour who wouldn’t allow any surprises. I wanted to know everything. I emailed my family a few weeks before my 1st baby shower and here were some of the ideas I got off the internet. My family then took over and I had very little information about what to expect. I was only allowed to go shopping and pick out what I wanted and then I was in charge of choosing games for the baby shower.

07 peter-pan-baby-shower-3 baby-shower-desserts-jungle-party-kids-party-ideas Baby-Shower-Food-ideas boy-12 bun-in-oven2 green-baby-shower-food  44437_max

Shopping for the Baby Shower –

IMG_8821 IMG_8824 IMG_8826

Charles and Cindy doing the Jennifer Lawrence – Lupita Nyong’o Oscar Award grab 😉 


My first baby shower was in SA hosted my mother, sisters and my 2 friends Grace and Tess. It was on the 29Th March 2014 and I was 27 weeks pregnant. I already have a post of What I Wore that day. Below are some pictures 

DSC03324 DSC03326

The only baby invited to Baby Shower. Our friend Ashleigh and her son Kamga which means KING.

DSC03329 DSC03342

My friends Tatenda and Derryn (my 1st friend in film school and an amazing film maker and has a great influence on my love life, she’s taught me to live for the moment and to love like there’s no tomorrow. Because of her I believe in fairy tales) and the Kodinye Brothers.

DSC03353 DSC03357

Derryn and my big sister Christine then Antony (The most loyal Bro) I have ever had and my sister Cindy

DSC03360 DSC03366

My Film School friends (Lwazi and Sibusisiwe)

DSC03368 DSC03361

We played some awesome baby shower games. Since I chose them I couldn’t participate and was the JUDGE.

DSC03374 DSC03375 DSC03382DSC03404  DSC03407IMG_9059IMG_9066IMG_9064

Guess the mother’s measurements was the most hilarious one. Funny enough my best friend Antony, the only guy I invited to the shower won and got my measurements exact. I think it was his engineer mind that helped him.


My mother does flower arrangements for some of her events so it was very easy for her to do these ones for her first grandson’s baby shower

IMG_9140DSC03378DSC03401  DSC03399

We did the Oscar Selfie… It turned out PERFECT!!!

 DSC03412 IMG_9084

The cake was done by Kamga’ s mother Ashleigh


My favorite part was unwrapping the gifts, my sister Cindy opened a Registry for me at Baby City.

DSC03421 DSC03444DSC03433   DSC03447 DSC03452  IMG_9107                  IMG_9122IMG_9111 IMG_9118  

The most thoughtful award goes to my angel Palesa Mpaki,she knew about my Lays Cravings and got me a packet of my fav.

IMG_9136 DSC03440  IMG_9158 IMG_9028IMG_9046IMG_9062IMG_9061IMG_9218 

I get so many memories from going through these pictures. I felt so loved and I was feeling so emotional because I know that Beck has a special place in all of my guests’ hearts and that he has a family he can always depend on.

My second baby shower was in Nairobi on the 31st of May. I was very heavy at this time at 36 weeks pregnant. I had a work interview with Creatives Garage that morning that left me exhausted. This baby shower was more low key because at 9 months pregnant there was only so much I could do. I planned this little tea party myself with the help of my girls Gloria, Barbara and Julie. I invited my mother’s sisters (they caught a feeling because my mom threw me a shower before them 😉 😉 as well as some of my girlfriends.

IMG_1487 IMG_1501  IMG_1521IMG_1516IMG_1525

This little one’s main concern was taking selfies instead of taking pictures of the baby shower. I blame her for not having too many pictures 😉 😉 #littlesisterproblems

 IMG_1522 IMG_1541IMG_1589 

We opened a few gifts then played some of the baby shower games from the 1st baby shower

 IMG_1530 IMG_1533 IMG_1540  IMG_1561 IMG_1568 IMG_1584 IMG_1585  IMG_1618 IMG_1619 IMG_1620 IMG_1638

My first Auntie, my mom’s older sister baked this cake. It was so yummy and so amazing for my midnight snacks.


I loved the fact that I had some “picture time” on this shower because I was so overwhelmed at the 1st shower I forgot to take pictures with my friends and the BUMP especially since I moved to Kenya and miss them so much.

 IMG_1653 IMG_1657 IMG_1661 IMG_1665 IMG_1670 IMG_1677 IMG_1685  IMG_1714 IMG_1735 IMG_1745IMG_1784

She changed her outfit and took more selfies. I can’t with this one!!!

IMG_1760 IMG_1762 


  IMG_1778 IMG_1780 IMG_1781  IMG_1799 IMG_1776


My favourite part of this baby shower was finding this last gift hidden by my friend  Gloria in my room a few days after. I remember I had barely slept when Beck kicked all night and I had a sudden burst of organization and started cleaning my already neat boudoir…I love how Beck looks in this outfit.








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