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It was date night Friday yesterday and Jason and I decided to go to Caramel Restaurant after not getting a reservation at Zen Garden as they were fully booked. I love having date nights with Jason because we get to have a great dinner and have amazing conversations about work, what’s happening in our lives and the kids.

Caramel is at ABC Place on Waiyaki Way and is definitely competing with 360 Degrees, Mercury Lounge and Seven Restaurant that are within the same complex. It has two other chains in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and is just two weeks old here in Nairobi.

I loved the ambiance at Caramel with their beautiful dressed in black hosts and very courteous waitrons. The music choice was also great but the downside was that it was a bit loud and so one couldn’t carry a conversation very well. The DJ was very seamless though, I thought it was a playlist until I spotted the neat DJ booth.

We decided to order tapas style and had the TNT Shrimp with Mango Tacos to begin with then MAC and Cheese that came in the form of a roll and had a blue cheese dip to accompany it as well as chicken wings. The shrimp was really well done. I had my usual Caprinha’s that were amazing.



IMG_5467.JPGCaramel has different spaces with a dining area, a smoking area with amazing comfortable lounge chairs, a private room that hosts 30 people and a lovely bar. We love people watching at restaurants and unfortunately we couldn’t as much because all the spaces are really dimly lit, just enough for you to see the person seated in the next table. I fell in love with the bathrooms that are all black with walls lit like Beyonce’s “Partition” music video.

I managed to snag a few pictures of my all black outfit. I was dressed head to toe in Zara Woman.






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