Cashmere Wear


Today was a beautiful day for me. I woke up with my beautiful son who is perfectly healthy. His smile was the absolute gift this morning. 3 months ago at 7:06pm I gave birth to this beautiful soul who has completely changed my life for the better. I love how he is learning new things everyday and how the sound of my voice and my smile seems to affect him so deeply. I love that I have someone who loves me no matter what happens in the world. Beck’s love is unconditional love. Beck also got his CBRA certificate back from the US Embassy and so my baby is officially an AMERICAN CITIZEN. He also got his passport today and I was so excited when I slit the envelope and held it in my hands. This is the beginning of something amazing. I can’t wait to travel and show him the world.

In honour of Beck turning 3 months, here are some pictures of his outfits this past month

IMG_4944 IMG_4946 IMG_4995 IMG_4998

IMG_5036 IMG_5043 IMG_5052 IMG_5059 IMG_5077 IMG_5078 IMG_5093 IMG_5334 IMG_5397 IMG_5489


IMG_5607 IMG_5638 IMG_5639 IMG_5686

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