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So I had an amazing weekend, I did manage to go to Earth Dance for a few hours and it was great. The new location at Migaa Golf Estate was amazing. Security to get inside was actually really impressive. One dropped off the guests at the entrance and proceeded to get checked and get a concert tag with your number plate on it, then parked your car. I believe it’s a step in the right direction with regards to concert security here in Kenya. I was only there from 9pm to 1am so I definitely missed Beng Beng and Jack Rooster’s set ;( I enjoyed the Groove Stage though as @chelinamanuhutu played her set. She proves that pretty girls can DJ. Check out her instagram and see how sizzling she is as a model and her travels around the world deejaying. I had to go home early because I didn’t want to be away from Beck for too long and luckily my mom was babysitting as my nanny had already made plans with her babies to take them to the Nairobi International Fair, so I was happy about her coming to the rescue.

IMG_6417  IMG_6458IMG_6452

The other reason I wanted to get some much needed shut eye was that I was very excited to go to Renee’s baby shower on Sunday. It was the first baby shower I attended as a mother. I remember how excited I was for both of mine so it was a good change to see a friend pregnant and glowing with. Touching her belly brought so many memories of my pregnancy.

Here are some pictures at the baby shower


The lovely Parents to Be – Eric and Renee

IMG_6539 IMG_6540

How cute are these two, decked in Sunny Yellow and so beautiful… pssst! Beck looks like he could be Renee’s baby 🙂IMG_6479 IMG_6480

My little sister Marie was my date for the baby shower after I was hers at EarthdanceIMG_6534IMG_6568IMG_6571IMG_6572IMG_6533IMG_6485 IMG_6506  IMG_6522 IMG_6527

My dress, gold bangle and purse (it’s so amazing and spacious that I used it as a diaper bag) are from Kung’ara Kenya

2 thoughts on “1st BABY SHOWER AS A MOMMY

  1. Thanks Claire for stopping by our boutique, you paired the white dress and red satchel really well. Looks like you had a great time at the baby shower.
    Keep it up with your blog, your motherhood stories are very interesting to read!

    – The Kung’ara Team.


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