Beck Meets


Beck has really grown this past month and become even more engaging with the people he is around. Him and his nanny are so in love with each other and everytime he hears his dad’s voice he goes bonkers. His dad had travelled 2 weeks out of this month and it was interesting to see how they bonded when he got back. Jason was worried that Beck would have forgotten him but that wasn’t the case. I don’t think Beck would ever forget either of us because we are so involved and very hands on as parents.

Beck happened to meet really interesting people this month. Check it out.

IMG_5841 (2)

With my good friend and work buddy Udi Okore


with STAY’S lead actress Mkamzee MwatelaIMG_6095

Just another weekend with my mother and little sister Marie


Jason was the lead actor in a short film called Intellectual Scum and we paid him a visit on set at the Wilson Airport.


Our first baby shower for Renee’s baby


Last minute shopping for Renee’s hospital bagIMG_6753

Beck meets my high school friend Nancy whose 1st wedding anniversary should be coming up soonIMG_6776

Beck’s first time in Church at St. Marks in Westlands.

IMG_6807 IMG_6809

Lunch last Sunday with mother after Church at River Cafe past Village Market 😉

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