I was never the make up kind of girl. I was never the sexy kind of girl. Always just the nerdy funny girl !! When I was 16, my fav past time was hanging out with my girls Susan, Samantha and Nancy and talking about films, watching films, reading novels and exchanging them in record time and the best part was always talking about boys and fantasizing about our future lives.

Fast forward 10 years later and now every time I hang out with my 16 year old sister I am amazed how 90% of the topics are always based on how they look, what they are wearing and who has the latest trends with hair, nails and clothes. I mean life has changed so much and it’s scary what’s really important to teenagers right now. I remember just going to my parents and asking, well more like begging, for some cash to go buy a book or a comic (Archie and Veronica) and finally getting it and just disappearing into the world of the story I was reading.

Anyway this was supposed to be a simple post about how I was never the make up girl to somewhat a lady that tries to match to her skin color as best as possible. I have accumulated some make up since I started wearing make up 3 years ago and wanted to share.

We finally have our very own MAC Cosmetics Store at the Village Market and I couldn’t be happier 😉


A few things that are on my make up counter.IMG_0503

I really really love Maybelline Products and always have the ones above. I got a cute compact mirror when I went to get the Matte Mousse a few weeks ago at Nakumatt, Village Market. I was also looking for affordable makeup brushes and found this brand Palliadio where I scored this yummy Coral Punch Lipstick that I am extremely terrified to try out.IMG_0482

I love Sleek Products because it is a pocket friendly UK brand. When I started experimenting with make up, I never wanted to spend to much money and these were great products to begin with 😉


I like these small compact make up bags that fit just a few basics. The top one I got for free with an issue of Elle South Africa and the second one I got from Kiko Romeo at Yaya Centre.IMG_0520

Once I started getting a paycheque I understood the value of buying slightly pricier make up as you obviously get the quality you pay for. These are the only 3 MAC Products that I buy. I love me some Ruby Woo, I think it’s heaven on my lips.


When it comes to my skin I love it soft and supple so I have been trying out the Seacret brand for about a week now from my usual Palmers’ and the Medela nipple cream is essential for any breastfeeding mother. It’s not toxic and your baby can breastfeed as soon as you apply it on 😉IMG_0534 IMG_0536

Lastly I wanted to share some of the products I use on Beck’s skin. He gets a bath every 2nd day and I don’t use soap just clean water and a cloth to wipe him down. Then I use organic California Baby products that I got from the States from Xan’s mother and my personal favorite is Sudanese Shea Butter that Jason introduced me to. I use it sometimes and it smells heavenly

IMG_0555 IMG_0571


What are your favorite make up accessories Cashmere Moms? Let me know

3 thoughts on “SUNDAY MAKE UP HAUL

  1. The Mac pro long wear is awesome. I have it in nw 45 during summer and in nc 45 in winter. Its the biz””! I also like sleek, its very affordable.


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