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Last week Tuesday, a woman who was dressed in a short skirt and tights was stripped down by some touts by the Embakasi Taxi Rink on Tom Mboya street. Someone took a video of the incident and it became viral. It is such a shame that in this day and age men who to me are vile perverts would think that they can get away with doing that to a person. They literally strip her of her dignity and its unacceptable. It’s funny to me when men do such things when in ancient times, women were topless and even dressed less than we do now and it was totally acceptable and beautiful.


Kilimani Mums Marketplace organised a march labelled “My Dress, My Choice” and today thousands of women and men marched from Uhuru Park to the taxi rink at which the lady was stripped chanting “MyDress My Choice” I am happy that I took part in this march because as a Cashmere Mom I believe that no human being has the right to decide what I should wear. I met a lot my colleagues and snapped a couple pics


Boniface MWANGI, a well known kenyan activist showed up in a traditional gikuyu men’s attireIMG_8102

One of the organisers giving a speech on our women rights.IMG_8106

Selfie time with Miss Kenya USA and Lyra Aoko of one of my favorite blogs, CynosureIMG_8107 IMG_8109

Selfie of my outfit, a  black crop top and full A line skirtIMG_8111 IMG_8114

The lovely beauties model, Namnyak and Stylist, Annabel OnyangoIMG_8115 IMG_8118

So greatful to my hubby for supporting me everyday and coming to this march to stand for our human rightsIMG_8119

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