It’s a sad time in Kenya with the negative light shed on us because of the violence that has occurred over the past few weeks. We had the MyDress MyChoice rally that was the first of its kind then last week I attended the UN Women HeForShe event at the University of Nairobi where the President and the First Lady were in attendance. Yet not so much is being done by our own Government. I hope that by holiday time, there will be more progress.

My current favorite campaign is the #OrangeYourHood campaign by beautiful news anchor Janet Mbugua in which she asks everyone that supports the cause to pose dressed in orange, with one arm outstretched stating STOP GENDER VIOLENCE.

I come from a family of very strong women and having been raised by our single mom who is the matriarch of our home, Gender Violence is something we have very little tolerance for. I asked my mother and my sisters to take pictures so I could post them on my instagram and raise awareness but I was pleasantly surprised when they took a step even further and asked their workmates to do the same. It’s always lovely when we all stand together for one cause

The first born in our family, Christine Jawichre works for one of the best events companies in South Africa, Blue Platinum Events and she sent me pictures of herself as well as her boss and colleagues. The third born in our family Cindy Leah is currently a student studying Psychology and works at the best music store in Jozi in Sandton City.

IMG_8610 IMG_8573 IMG_8616IMG_8653


IMG_8618 IMG_8620 IMG_8622 IMG_8623 IMG_8625 IMG_8626 IMG_8628  IMG_8655 IMG_8657 IMG_8661

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