I sat down for a long time today trying to remember any christmas memories I have and it was quite difficult to conjure a memory. All I remember was the one christmas when I was 6 or 7. We got our first christmas tree and my cousins came from up country to stay with us. It was the best experience decorating it. I also remember going shopping at Sarit Centre and on our way home we ran into some trouble. My mother had just started driving this new Fiat, I think it was a gift from my dad and she didn’t pull the handbrake all the way up so the car backed up a bit and almost scratched this indian’s car.

I remember him screaming so furiously at my mom who was otherwise very calm. It all ended well as there was no scratch or damage to his car at all. That night my mom promised us that Santa would come down the chimney and while all the kids went to bed, I stayed up. I really wanted to catch a glimpse of Santa. We lived in a beautiful house with a chimney in Mountain View and I waited and waited and waited hidden in the corner of our tv room. Then I saw my mom and aunty going to the tree and putting down our presents. Sadly that’s how I found out that Santa didn’t exist.

I am starting to realize that I don’t remember much about my childhood and I wonder if the memories weren’t simply made or if I just have managed to block out some memories as it wasn’t always all sunshine and roses. As a new mom I am constantly comparing my childhood to the one I want to offer Beck and one of the things I must do is to create so many memories and moments for him. I guess it’s fair not to lie about Santa so I will be as honest as possible with him. I went shopping with Xan the other day and he told me that his earliest memory of Christmas was the smell of the Christmas  pine trees, I hope Becks remembers things like that. He loves music and sounds so I intend on playing Christmas carols for him as soon as we hit the 12 days of Christmas mark.

This is as far as our decorating skills have gone

IMG_9027IMG_1615 IMG_1618 IMG_1619 IMG_1620 IMG_1621 IMG_1623 IMG_1628 IMG_1632IMG_9130IMG_1646 IMG_1659 IMG_1663 IMG_1676

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