It’s 2015 Cashmere Moms

Hi Cashmere Moms. I hope all of you ushered in the New Year safe and with your loved ones. I am so happy for the new year. Yet another chance to make my life and of those around me even better. Last night Jason and I decided to spend it at home. Going to an event with the prices on everything so hiked up didn’t seem ideal. Also just dealing with the craziness that happens in Nairobi on New Years was unappealing.

I loved the fact that I ushered in the 2015 with my little beautiful family. We had a really yummy foie gras, meat and cheese platter, plenty of champagne and I made whiskey sours and gimlets for the both of us. We had the chance to talk about 2014, share our gratitude lists and goals for 2015 then we danced until it was 2015. Beck woke up soon after midnight and so it was bedtime as soon Jason managed to put him down. The whisky sours had got me in so I crashed hard πŸ˜‰

I love black and gold and so that was my color palette for my New Year’s Eve outfit. Here are some pictures from last night














I’m greatful to all the Cashmere Moms Titans that have been following my journey as a new mother. Your support is really appreciated. I’m definitely going to make 2015 yet another year to remember.

My most important 2015 goal is to nurture my relationship and raise Beck into a beautiful young toddler as well as working very hard on our tv shows and being able to secure a stable future for my family πŸ˜‰ Have a great 2015 Cashmere Moms


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