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For the Christmas Holidays we decided to go to Watamu for the second time. Watamu is the most beautiful coastal town I have ever been to. It’s a coastal town past Kilifi town. Instead of flying in like before we chose to drive down to Watamu. It was Beck’s first road trip which he enjoyed like champ. He slept most of the way which was great. Our first stop was the Sikh Temple in Makindu where Jason indulged in a free meal that the temple provides for the people of the town. I was a bit self conscious as I was dressed in cut off shorts but nobody bothered us which was great 🙂IMG_9531 IMG_9538 IMG_9541 IMG_9540IMG_1895

We arrived our beautiful seaside villa at around 6pm when the sun was setting and Jason really wowed me with the choice he made for our house and location. It was incredibly beautiful and I have definitely been thinking about living seaside even more since we left.

IMG_9543 IMG_9546IMG_9555IMG_9556

That night we had a simple dinner and drink at Hosteria Romana.


On our first day we took Beck to the beach, the sun was blaring hot I almost passed out. Beck had a lot of fun splashing around before we went to lunch at Pili Pan. I love Pili Pan’s atmosphere and decor and I like the fact that it’s never crowded. The Madagascar fillet is to die for 🙂


We enjoyed a little siesta then had Date Night at Medina Palms. I really wish I had taken a picture of my dress that night.IMG_9608IMG_9610IMG_9620IMG_9625IMG_9628IMG_9630IMG_9635

The next day, Beck woke up at 5am as usual and instead of getting him back to bed, I decided to take him to the beach and we sat out by the shore listening to the waves as Beck enjoyed his bottle as I took some pictures of our surroundings. The house next to us was preparing for breakfast and the Diving shop next to us was getting ready for their morning dive.IMG_9646  IMG_1960 IMG_1962 IMG_1963 IMG_1967 IMG_1972 IMG_1981 IMG_9651

The rest of the day was spent shopping at Coast and Country which is one of my favorite stores in the whole of Kenya. The inside of it is like heaven, it stores the most amazing decor in color palettes of ocean blue and white. I hope to own a store designed like that one day. A nap and an outfit change later we went to Kobe Beach Bar and Restaurant for the first time. I was so happy to sip a couple of caprinha’s while we enjoyed a brisk breeze. The rest of the evening was then spent sipping wine at home and watching New Girl.

IMG_9663 - Copy IMG_9687 - Copy IMG_9704 IMG_9706 IMG_9708


The following day we slept in for the better part of the morning the I had some mommy me time. I walked along the beach to Oceansports and enjoyed some wine and oysters. I met Mango the Camel who unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to ride but I ‘ll find him next time. I went back to the boys and we took Beck for a fully immersed swim session in the ocean. He was scared at first and held on to me like his life depended on it but I gently eased him to enjoying th water by holding him very close and saying calm affirmations to his ear. He relaxed and I handed him to Jason for the rest of the swim. He started laughing at me anytime I would pretend-drown, that was a really great bonding session for us. Oceansports for a sundowner was next before heading over to Kobe for the second time for dinner.

IMG_9718 IMG_9720 IMG_9722 IMG_9732 IMG_9743 IMG_9756 IMG_9757 IMG_9759 IMG_9762 IMG_9772

The funniest thing happened on our walk back to our house. The house next to us was filled with Italians like most of Watamu is and all the beach boys were just hurdled over one spot,we soon noticed that they were ogling at some of them doing yoga outside. It was voyeurism at its most surreal.IMG_9782 IMG_9787 IMG_9790 IMG_9793 IMG_9796 IMG_9798 IMG_9802 IMG_9806

Our last day was pretty chilled. We spent the day swimming at Kobe’s swimming pool which Beck loved and we  had a huge lobster for lunch. It was an early night as we had to drive to Nairobi pretty early on Christmas Day. The highlight of the trip back was the double rainbow we spotted two hours away from Nairobi.IMG_9827 IMG_9835 IMG_9838

Here are the rest of the pictures of our beautiful holiday. I look forward to going back to Watamu again.IMG_1995 IMG_1997 IMG_2002 IMG_2004 IMG_2014 IMG_2018 IMG_2019 IMG_2021 IMG_2028 IMG_2036 IMG_2044 IMG_2083

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