Cashmere Wear


I remember that day, my little sister Camille and I were at Clicks at Midway Mews at the make up aisle just staring at all the products in confusion. We were looking for a nice nail polish color for the summer then we spotted that they had a sale on this French lipstick line. We knew nothing about make up but since it was on sale we decided to buy a nice pink lipstick to share. I rarely put it on because it didn’t go well with a plain face( I never put make up on ) so I stuck to a nice Maybelline lip stain that I got later on.

Fast forward I think about 2 years later and I was in Nairobi during my GAP year. It was a beautiful Nairobi night and I was dressed in my favorite LBD. I was so ready to paint the town RED. A friend shared her Ruby Woo lipstick and I was in awe. I loved how it made my face light up and it definitely completed my look for the night.

photo 1 photo 3 (1)Then there’s when I met Jason, I was obsessed with a certain red lippie from Maybelline… Everytime I put it on, the smell takes me back to the first days of our relationship.


Those are 3 accounts that I remember as the beginning of this lipstick obsession. Since then I have learnt to put on basic make up to match whatever lippie flavor I wanted to wear. This week, my sister and I decided to try on all our lipsticks in one go and this is what we came up with …


The Cashmere Shades of Purple 2015/01/img_0797.jpg2015/01/img_0798.jpg2015/01/img_0799.jpg

Impassioned Pink to Coral2015/01/img_0804.jpg2015/01/img_0806.jpg2015/01/img_0805.jpg

My Selection of Red2015/01/img_0803.jpg2015/01/img_0808.jpg

Mulberry to Punky Black

My sister mostly buys Reds which look flawless on her.My favorite on her has to be the Black Opal: Violine. I absolutely loved how she accessorized her hair with a flower band from CottonON… I want one so bad 😦2015/01/img_0881.jpg2015/01/img_0880.jpg2015/01/img_0884.jpg2015/01/img_0883.jpg2015/01/img_0882.jpg2015/01/img_0879.jpg2015/01/img_0878.jpg

The fact that we are both dark skinned and have found lipsticks that we love and can wear with confidence is so Iconic. As my Cashmeremoms motto this year is “Iconic 2015” I hope that any of my readers that are battling with any confidence of some sort will read this and feel empowered enough to go and conquer it starting now. Maybe start with buying a lipstick shade that will put that sparkle to your smile 😉 😉 Goodnight and SweetDreams


  1. Mac: Impassioned and Heroine looks amazing on you. my best friend wears that most times and she always looks dashing. it looks different all the time.


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