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Here’s the Valentines post. Let’s take a moment to allow the anti valentines people to click off this post and move on 😉

So this year is the mark for the 3rd year of Jason and I’s relationship and it’s extremely beautiful. We have grown so much as a couple.

After Jason’s proposal last year, I was stumped on what to do. We actually pretty much made plans 2 days before Valentines. With everything we have been through; working together,living together then having a baby, we pretty much haven’t had time on our own so a BAECATION was the best decision.

We started with a lunch just us two on the 13th otherwise known as Desperation Day which was also Friday the 13th. We went to Thyme Restaurant which is very quite and serene and a great place to have uninterrupted conversation.


On Valentines Day we choose Tribe Hotel as we live close by. Before checking in, I had a great breakfast with my two Valentines at Spinners Web before we dropped Beck back home to our nanny.IMG_2767IMG_2771IMG_2769IMG_2860

It was the 1st time that we were leaving Beck for a whole night. As much as it was heartbreaking it was the best decision we made. I had such an incredible time just living in a bubble with Jason. Tribe Hotel gave a good package with a beautiful room with a view, roses on arrival with Ruby Woo lipstick for each guest. We were served champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. We went over to Village Market for some shopping before having a much needed nap then our night began. We had a beautiful 7 course meal that was magical. They truly outdid themselves at the Jiko.




After dinner we had a wild night mixing our own cocktails at Brew Bistro with Soraiya and Aleem, I hadn’t been there in over 2 years so it was so exciting to dance to DJ Alpha like I used to 3 years ago. A little stint at Electric Avenue then we headed back to the hotel.

Our champagne breakfast was so welcome while nursing a serious hangover and talking about our night. Beck joined us for the rest of the day which was so cuddle worthy… Nothing better than a chilled rainy Sunday with the ones you love.


    1. Hahahaha I don’t understand that anti Valentine stuff. When we are single we want love then we get it and don’t appreciate it enough. The food was amazing, definitely a highlight for me unlike the service of the hotel. And yes Jason is a nail biter ;(


    1. Well actually the service in the kitchen at dinner was incredible and fast but information about our rooms and the hotel in general was very poor. I doubt I would stay at the Tribe again. I would have drinks and use their spa for sure.


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