Hi moms Yes I said it… I’m a PAMPERS mom. I hope one day in the future I won’t be slaughtered for this, hahahaha, I know but I pledge allegiance to the PAMPERS. When I first had Beck and was at the hospital with no diapers, hubby went and bought some. They weren’t Pampers diapers but they served the purpose they needed to at the time. Once I got home for the next 14 days I did a trail and error of all sorts of brands and found Pampers to be the closest one that was ideal for my little baby’s tush. My mom came in from Johannesburg when Beck was 2 weeks old and she also brought us a whole box of Pampers so they more or less became a staple in our household. We had a little mishap, when Beck was around 2 months and his Joburg supply had run out and I had to buy new diapers  and I ended up buying the Pampers with arabic written on it. These for some reason didn’t work for us and I considered changing brands. That week I went to the 2014 Baby Banda and spoke to a Pampers representative at the stand who explained to me that they had a new range coming in that would really help me and that it did. So from then until recently we have been using the Pampers Premium Care without complaint. This weekend I was invited to a Pampers Event for the demonstration of their new Pampers Baby Dry Night and I absolutely loved it. I got to mingle with moms and also hear new innovative ideas about Pampers and motherhood and best of all get we got our pictures taken. I know, i know I am sucker for pictures. It’s the diva in me 😉 Here are some pictures from the event. I definitely look forward to going to more and more of these events. From left, Claire Ash Meadow, Beck Oneko Corder and Joyce NdungeIMG_9862Christabel Sarali (right) Sarah Kabira My new friends Sarah (7 months pregnant with her 1st child) and Cristabel (mother to a 2 year old)Nelly Mwangi (right) and Pampers Brand Ambassador Janet Kanini Ikua_1Pampers Brand Ambassador Jane Kanini Ikua and fashion blogger Nelly Wangechi aka @nairobisfashiongeek slaying are serving curves 😉 Pampers Brand Ambassador Janet Kanini Ikua (right) presents pampers to Magret Wambui.Wambui won a three months supply of pampers Pampers Brand Ambassador Janet Kanini Ikua (right) presenting Pampers to Magret Wambui.Wambui won a three months supply of pampers.


  1. I registered for Huggies and Pampers out here in Los Angeles and I hope one of these brands works out for my little warrior! I heard the generic ones here are pretty good too but I shall find out by trial and error like you did!


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