Hi CashmereMoms, it’s been quite a slow month. I have been back to work with the Pre Production of our show STAY. We are shooting Season 2 this year. We have a new crew and improved cast and I am very excited to be directing 13 episodes. Like Season 1, Jason and I are wearing many hats. I’m helping with the production office, finding locations, locking down cast and crew and it’s giving me less and less time with Beck. The good thing is I work from home so I set him up with his toys by my working area and he makes himself busy. It’s actually not that hard to have him around me when I am working I have realized, I just take several breaks to reposition him then I continue. I’m a multi tasking mama 😉

Beck can now say “taa” swahili for lights. He is obsessed with any light fixtures or even candles anywhere he goes. He is also pointing at things at saying “the”. It’s so cute. He points at his dad and says “daddy”. He points at his grandmother and says “dayi” close to Dani which is my native Luo for Grandma. When it comes to me, I am ”daddy” too. He responds well to Claire. When the nanny tells him give me something “give that to Claire”,  he hands it directly to me but he doesn’t respond to mommy. It’s hilarious! I guess nobody in the household calls me “mommy.” When you tell him bye he responds with the cutest “ba.”

My peanut is little anymore. He crawls like lightning. He is also standing and holding on to furniture. He claps too when you say “Clap for Beck he has done a great job.” He is also taking longer naps in the daytime and only wakes up once a night so I am so happy with how much he is growing.

Here are some pictures  took of Beck this month

IMG_3008 IMG_3046 IMG_3143 IMG_3163 IMG_3356 IMG_3508 IMG_3511

3 thoughts on “BECK IS 9 MONTHS: BECK 8-9 MONTH

  1. Hey Claire. I have seen the trailers for Stay on Youtube and I was wondering where I can actually watch them. do they air on a specific channel or go straight to DVD?


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