Hi Cashmeremoms

I gave birth to Beck at 38 weeks on the 18th June 2014 and last week marked 38 weeks out of my belly and in this world. I bumped into this picture online when I was pregnant and wanted to take a professional picture of myself 9 months pregnant and then do the same 9 months after but I was too exhausted those last days to plan anything


Better late than never because last Sunday, I planned a shoot with Boy On The LedgeΒ to document Beck 9 months out. I spent this past months contemplating photographers and finally found BOTL as the best because I loved the beautiful pictures he took of his wife while she was pregnant. I knew he was the right match.

While I wait for him to deliver the professional pictures, I decided to share never before seen or posted personal pictures of Beck in my belly.IMG_6430 IMG_6553

Lamu January 2014IMG_6718 IMG_6776

Trying on new purchases while pregnantIMG_6893 IMG_6901 IMG_7214

Trying on this dress that a friend sent me, ended up wearing it on Valentines 2014IMG_7332

My True Love photo shootIMG_7353 IMG_7394 IMG_7462

Fashion High Tea February 2014IMG_7488 IMG_7555 IMG_7622

Valentines 2014IMG_7837 IMG_7881

Jazz FestivalIMG_8063

Oscars Viewing Party at the Nyong’osIMG_8115 IMG_8176 IMG_8299 IMG_8500

Date Night before my family trip to South Africa March 2014IMG_8552 IMG_8564

Landed in Egoli πŸ˜‰IMG_9194 IMG_9198

DSC03361 DSC03500 IMG_9158

Baby Shower 1

IMG_9435 IMG_9514 IMG_9641 IMG_9647 IMG_9727 IMG_9728 IMG_9829 IMG_9832 IMG_9846 IMG_9852 IMG_9875My last days in SA

IMG_0710 IMG_0816

Back to Nairobi, Labour Day WeekendIMG_1004 IMG_1081 IMG_1298 IMG_1316

Salon Selfie

IMG_1418 IMG_1651 IMG_1653

Baby Shower 2IMG_1860 IMG_1865

Countdown Begins…IMG_1996 IMG_2096 IMG_2156

Beck’s Back in full viewIMG_2174

Beck’s bum pressing on all the wrong things πŸ˜‰IMG_2205

On the way to the Hospital.IMG_22752 days Post Partum πŸ˜‰


  1. Oh beautiful lady, you are inspiring me to take more pics to treasure this time! I hit 28 weeks on Sato and I only have a couple of pics…I swear, no more….I HAVE to build on this inspiration! You looked awesome during your pregnancy, ma!


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