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Hi Cashmere moms… I missed you guys. It’s been a few hectic weeks with the preparation of STAY SEASON 2. Last weekend over Easter we went out of town for a little hiatus that also fell beautifully on Jason’s birthday.

We went to our beautiful love island of Lamu. It was Beck’s first visit here since I got engaged, pregnant with Beck. We were dealing with a lot of final stages of Pre Production so we took Beck’s nanny with us. It was amazing to see her experience her first plane ride, boat ride and show her a piece of Lamu.

Ofcourse I took several pictures of our trip. Check them out.

Beck’s first boat ride


Beck’s first lunch at Peponi’s     Beautiful birthday sunset cruise at the Mangroves

Our home for that weekend.



IMG_4244 IMG_4248 IMG_4249 IMG_4312 IMG_4324


One thought on “HIATUS IN SHELA

  1. Love the pics! That place looks amazing. Reminds me of pics I have seen somewhere, a long time ago, of a place called Lamu House or something of that sort. Beck looks like he had tons of fun -but he always looks like he’s having a good time! You, as always, look fabulous!


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