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Hi Cashmere Moms

This year has been an incredible whirlwind in the past 3 months. Jason has been incredibly busy with getting STAY on the road with season 2 and finally we have just completed our first week of shooting, 6 days of 40 days. I was just going through my phone for footage or pictures I have taken from our set and went back a few weeks, getting some great pics I didn’t have time to share on our date nights. Date nights have been sparse because of our schedules but they have been nothing short of legendary when we had them.

Below are some pictures from various date nights 😉

 Valentine’s Day



A little craziness at Westhouse Hotel



Mediterraneo Westlands before Lamu trip 😉

Dinner at a friends in Shela the night before we left, sadly I fell sick after I took this picture.

Random one at Ocean’s Basket

I hope Cashmere Moms are making that effort to create date nights with your hubbies and make it as interesting as it can be. It’s all about what makes you tick as a couple 😉

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