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CASHMERE MOMS 1 dress 6ways

Hi Cashmere Moms

I hope you are having a relaxing weekend. I am not on the STAY season 2 set today as I have to start shooting our other project Coffee with Milk this afternoon. I found these pictures I meant to post over a month ago.

I bought this beautiful versatile dress from Neon27. What I loved most about it was the fact that I got my money’s worth with a dress that can be worn so many ways. With Beck running around I only managed 6 looks but I bet that one could easily get to 10 different looks.

I’m also particularly proud of this personal shoot as my inner techie geek totally enjoyed it. I was using my phone as a clicker to the Canon 70D and posing while hiding it was quite the challenge. I also loved editing the pictures on mostly on my iPhone 4s.

I think it’s important as a woman to learn to use the tools you have to its ultimate optimum to achieve what you would like as opposed to following trends. No I didn’t use the latest Canon MKIII neither did I have the latest iPhone nor photoshop but I’m proud of the results.

It’s all in my ever ending task of being a multitasking mama. Cashmere Moms nobody should limit how much you can achieve. Only you have the power to empower yourself.

Below are the pictures I took


Here are a couple of out takes

  Topi and Jonty, my neighbors dogs joined in the fun

 Fixing Focus

Looking through footage




Post shoot selfie 😉





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