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Hi Cashmere Moms

OMG! It’s been another month full of love, growth, work and just an abundance of happiness. I can’t believe my son is 10 months, we are 2 months shy of  his 1st birthday. It’s absolutely mind blowing. The past 2 years have been just a beautiful whirlwind. This past month has been so amazing, Beck started walking and won’t be stopped. He started at 9 months 2 weeks. I was just talking to my mother and she’s so proud of her 1st grandchild, who is following exactly in his mama’s footsteps. Beck is extremely smart and a tad bit eloquent at his age, hahahaha, as eloquent as a child his age can be anyway. He is everything I dreamt of and even more. Sometimes I remember how I was mostly in a panic while pregnant because I would overthink things but now I’m so happy that God has blessed me with such a beautiful being.

Here are some pictures I took this month (the number decreases the busier I get ;( )

IMG_3559 IMG_3560 IMG_3615 IMG_3618 IMG_3628 IMG_3644 IMG_3918 IMG_3923 IMG_4058 IMG_4085 IMG_4089 IMG_4119 IMG_4170 IMG_4258 IMG_4272 IMG_4322 IMG_4327 IMG_4412 IMG_4469 IMG_4569 IMG_4577 IMG_4578 IMG_4590 IMG_4635 IMG_4637 IMG_4638 IMG_4794

2 thoughts on “BECK IS 10 MONTHS: BECK MONTH 9-10

  1. I love seeing pics of you and your little handsome one! I was (am) worrying sometimes about my baby in my belly so I feel reassured when I read that you had the same worries but now I see little Beck all smiles and happiness! New mom nerves, I guess. He’s adorable, mama!


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