Beck Meets · Out And About


Hi Cashmere Lovelies,

I know I have been MIA for a while. Omg! I am so happy we wrapped shooting STAY SEASON 2. That was one hell of a rollercoaster, an intense 7 weeks of shooting. We wrapped on the 29th of May and since then I have been working on the edit with our lovely editor, Charity Kuria.

So we are leaving for the U.S tomorrow for the summer holidays and as much as I haven’t had time to revel in the idea, it’s just hit me now and the excitement is creeping in. My mother was so sad that she would miss Beck’s 1ST BIRTHDAY and was proactive in creating a little birthday party for him. She brought a beautiful choc chip cake and some gifts for her grandson and we all took a break yesterday afternoon to celebrate this moment. Beck was so confused when we started singing but once he heard “Happy Birthday Dear Beck” the smile on his face was the most magical thing I have ever seen. I love this little human to bits.

We invited Beck’s buddies Klandina, Molly, Smurfy, Penguin, Monkey and Dolphin as well as actual humans our nanny Joyce and drivers Willah and George. After cutting cake, my mom and Beck went to the swings and had some bonding time.

Our editor Charity and Jason took the pictures here.

IMG_8704 IMG_8710 IMG_8716 IMG_8718 IMG_8720 IMG_8722 IMG_8724 IMG_8728 IMG_8738 IMG_8743 IMG_8758 IMG_8759 IMG_8763 IMG_8764 IMG_8766 IMG_8771


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