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Hi Cashmeremoms,

Wow it’s been a year. I started this blog really not knowing what I was going to share or wondering if people would like my articles and stories. Here we are! My son turned a year old.  I’m so happy and truly blessed to have made it this far. It has been honestly the most eye opening year of my life.

Beck is a lucky boy he has had 2 birthday parties so far. His first was planned by my mom and was at home in Kitisuru before we left for the U.S and 18.06.2015 was his official birthday party here in Sedona,Arizona at his paternal grandparents house.

We planned to have his party at 9:06am here that was 7:06pm in Nairobi which was the exact time I gave birth to him a year ago. We had ordered the cake at Safeway last Monday and picked it up yesterday morning at 8:00 am just in time.

It was great getting Beck ready for his party, of course you guys know I love to dress up as well as dressing Beck and this was so special. At the party, we sang Happy Birthday while Jason brought out the cake then had some cake with Moose Tracks ice cream and finished off with each person opening a different present and presenting it to Beck.

Below are more pictures of the party 🙂

  How cute and grown up does he look 😉 

  This was a strawberry shortcake.



 I also chose this time of day as I wanted Beck at his perkiest but for some reason he was a bit tired and stuck to his bottle during the whole party. It lasted 45 minutes before he crashed and slept.

 Later that day we went to Cottonwood. Jason’s parents know of this place called Bocce that has the best pizza in town and I 100 percent agreed with their review. As we drove into Cottonwood it was very reminiscent of area called Melville in Johannesburg that I frequented a lot during my film school years.


We got home late but we were still in a party mood. Places tend to shut down early in Sedona. Most places are down by 10pm. I knew the best trick when you want to party in a sleepy town, always look for an Irish pub, its pretty much a guaranteed bet that they are open till late. We found Mooney’s at the Sedona Hill Shopping Centre, 5kms from the house. The vibe was great. Shots of “sex with an alligator”, great conversation, people watching and wine ended the night early into the A.M.

 It was quite a day that even included a brain fart decision to walk 3kms in the blazing 100 Farenheit sun with a fully packed kiondoo but that is the story for another day.

Happy 1st Birthday Beck. Here’s to millions more. Mama loves you sooooo much 😉

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