Cashmere Moms Travels: Week 1 in U.S

Hi Cashmeremoms,

It’s been a year since I started Cashmere Moms. I had always wanted to start a blog but was so afraid of lacking content at some point. I guess as a television script writer I have gone through a few bouts of writers block so I know how that can really limit ones work. When I was pregnant with Beck and absolutely didn’t know what I was doing, starting a blog to document my experience felt natural. I used it as my therapy to share what I was going to experience with Beck in our first year. Well now it’s been a year and while on holiday I am regrouping on what to do next within my own work as a filmmaker, my family, relationship and goals for the next year.
Anyway just wanted to share with you on our holiday here in the U.S. It’s Beck’s first trip out here and I hope the start of many more. 

12th June 2015  We arrive Phoenix at about 2pm and the boys are craving some Chipotle. It was my first time in one. Let’s just say I didn’t know there was a kenchic equivalent out here. It was decked out in “Mabati”. I enjoyed their chicken burritos. The portions in this country are massive. 


The next morning we went for a walk to The Point. This is along the Belrock trail in Sedona where Jason’s parents live. 

13th June 2015          

First excursion was going to Plaza del Oeste before lunch at El Rinco Restauruant at Tlaquepaque Shopping Centre. It has amazing architecture and tons of shopping stores.         

14th June 2015 – Flag Day

We went to a braai at Oak Creek at Corrie’s friends house Sally. She was such a gracious host and Her backyard view was just amazing!!! We ventured out and found a rope swing by the creek which was fun. 

 Me and my African self got an iPhone notification that it was Flag Day so I geeked out when I saw this cake which is a great recipe in Sally’s family. Funny enough no one else at the party knew it was Flag Day 😂😂
 Sally’s house so magnificent. I loved the decor and the rustic feel around the house. 

Our beautiful host Sally with Beck.   

 On our way home we stopped at Coldstone and I had my usual Oreo Overload. The view was just killer!!!!

15th June 2015   
Didn’t do much but went to Corrie and Oliver’s massage therapist who is absolutely the best. That was definitely the best massage I had. I would recommend anyone travelling there to give her a call. Then I had an evening walk with Beck before dinner 😉

16th June 2015   
1st time at the movies. I watched SPY


Dinner at MesaGrill up at Sedona’s only private airport.

17th June 2015   

Going shopping with le boo and listening to Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM… We were so excited for Beck’s birthday the next day 😉

2 thoughts on “Cashmere Moms Travels: Week 1 in U.S

  1. I’ve been busy trying my hand at everything but today I took some time off to catch up on ur experiences. Wow! You guys really had an awesome time in the U.S. I love how you detailed everything in a manner that is not tiring to read. I loved all the entries.



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