Lunch at Enchantment Resort and the last of the Sedona Visit

Wow! Now back in Nairobi and I have tons of pictures to share. I couldn’t share while on holiday because my laptop crashed on Beck’s birthday. Can you imagine.?Damn you Mercury retrograde!!!!

Anyway the problem seemed to be a new iPhone cable I bought with my new iPhone, I recently bought another iPhone that got stolen from me while shooting Coffee with Milk. While I recount this I’m realizing that it’s been quite a bad time on the gadget department. Anywho, this new cable wasn’t right and fried my laptop.
Thank God I managed to save all of my stuff but  I am sans laptop for now until I can afford to buy a new one and so I’ll just have to blog using my phone.

Ok Cashmeremoms I’m going to take you back to the day after Beck’s birthday and what we did that weekend until we left for California.

19th June 2015

We went to the Enchantment Resort which is known to be one of the best hotels in the world. It was a special treat from Beck’s grandparents Oliver and Corrie Cooperman and it was such a magical lunch. I would love to stay there one day, I was the roaming the hall just thinking of it as a wedding destination for my whole family. While wveryone else would enjoy the town for its hiking trails and food and hospitality, I know I would go crazy with my camera shooting different look books because the backdrops here are jaw dropping.

Because it was full we were seated at View 180 and served from the Tii Gavo kitchen. The views of Boynton Canyon were stunning! 

After lunch.

  How cute are these boys!!!
I was definitely dressed for the occasion.


Lace Crop Top – hand me down from my sister Cindy
Pants – Jason bought these in Rwanda
Heels – Backyard Shoez
Turquoise Bracelets – Healthy U
Pendant – Adele Dejak
Beck and I’s evening neighborhood walks. The Coopermans’ address is 254 blah blah drive. How weird is that? 

20th June 2015

We went uptown to the touristy side of town for dinner.  

21st June 2015

I went to the nearest church. It was a fun experience. Only it was so hilarious that Beck and I were the youngest people there. Sedona is known to be a retirement city so there’s isn’t so many young people in town. Beck got so much attention for his cooing and clapping. The pastor and congregation loved having us.

PS: As per kawa I was the only black person in attendance 😉 😉

In the evening Beck and Aden were taken to the local fire station while Oliver and I went last minute shopping then I watched the boys play freesbie before dinner.

They bought this wine in honor of Cashmere Moms… How sweet 😉

One thought on “Lunch at Enchantment Resort and the last of the Sedona Visit

  1. Love Beck’s photo at the Fire House! It all looks like so much fun! Wish y’all would have come down to Hollywood so we could meet, ma…but I am sure when I summer bunny in Nai this Dec, I have to invite you for a mamas-and-sons afternoon tea!


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