Week 3 in U.S: Part One AZ – SF

22nd June 2015

We opted to drive to SF instead of flying. The whole experience traveling from NBO to AZ had me tired of planes so this was a welcome change. Besides who doesn’t love a road trip?!

We decided to break it off and do it  in two days so that was a really fun experience.

 My phone wasn’t receiving any signal but our phones got these messages every hour. 

These guys definitely can track your whole life. 

We had a meal break and it was my first time at Denny’s. They betrayed me with their tasty looking menus. The food that arrived looked nothing like them but I ate it all regardless,  I was really starving at that point.

    It was so cute how Beck walked around and charmed the other guests there. He’s such a darling 😉


I have always loved the name Blythe, I had always though of naming my daughter that one day but I actually named one of our characters on our TV show Blythe played by Adelle Onyango so I guess that’s taken so my only other options are Cashmere, Muse and Meadow. 😍


Inching closer to Barstow, totally love the pit stops situated conveniently on the highways. Kenya needs more of those!   
Quality Inn – Barstow for the night 

23rd June 2015 – Day 2 of our trip 😉   
We arrive San Francisco – YAY!!’

That evening we went for some wine and the renowned Rock Wall Wine Company. We enjoyed some wine tasting and pairing before crashing hard at home. 


Can’t wait for my next post on shopping at Haight for the first time. You are definitely in for a treat.

Have a great weekend CashmereMoms

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