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Beck’s 1st Birthday Invite: Kahir’s Superhereos 4th bday

Hi Cashmere Moms

On Wednesday I left a shoot early and got to take Beck to his 1st birthday party and it was such a great experience. I love seeing Beck with other kids. As soon as we go there he was excited about all the fun things he could see and hear.  He stuck pretty close to his nanny and only loosened up after an hour of being there.

Soraiya, Kahir’s mom had set it out in her backyard with blue polka dot balloons to bouncing castles decked out with all of the best superhero gear. Spider-Man seemed predominantly a win with most kids. As one of Soraiya’s friends told me “You can never go wrong with Spider-Man”

What I enjoyed the most about this party was that I got to hang out with Soraiya’s friends who are mostly 2nd time moms and pick there brains about how they navigate through motherhood.

The group of women was such a great eclectic group from Pinky Ghelani,( I LOOOVE her) to a lady who works with le beau’s ex wife. It was interesting to hear their kids stories and most of all doing all this as working moms. 

I was also very happy to talk schools. We plan to homeschool Beck but I want to weigh my options on finding a great school that would stimulate him just as great as we do at home and have a priority to only encourage his talents and strengths to be the best he can be. I don’t want to take Beck through a school system that is like 1984’s Big Brother!!! I hope that Beck and Mikhail (Soraiya’s 2nd born) will get a chance to go grow and school together. 

Here are some pics I took of the party 


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