Cashmere Guest Mom


Hi Cashmere Moms and Dads

I hope you have all had a great week. It was my birthday last Saturday and I’m just now getting back to the swing of things. I just don’t mean by the weekend but I actually mean generally.  After our trip to the U.S we went right into moving to a new home then I went straight to work and did a strenuous 9 days of continuous shooting for our show Coffee with Milk.

I’m excited to share more about the series once we get everything linear and broadcasted. Startimes has licensed the show and we are now in the process of getting it to you lovely people. Anyway today is the day I actually felt like I could take a breather and I looked through the blog and knew it was time for our 2nd post by our Cashmere Dad, Baba Beck.

So once again he blog bombs Cashmere Moms and this time he is talking about rites of passage. In 1 year, Le beau is experiencing quite extraordinary passages of life between all of his 3 sons

Read Below;


So dad’s do you agree that 3 is better than 2???…. Wait I actually want to hear what the moms have to say, after all we tend to do a lot of that heavy lifting i.e that 9/10 months that you literally have an out of body experience! 

I absolutely love this post and love seeing all boys grow into wonderful men. Most importantly I love watching Jason navigate through this phase with the best tools he has. It’s one of the first things that really attracted him to me, the fact that he is an amazing father.

So to CashmereMoms please tag and share this with your hubbies, they may relate!!!. Better yet I would love to hear their feedback. Have a goodnight moms and dads 😉


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