Hi lovelies,
It’s actually been quite a while.  It’s been a busy month in our household. We have been shooting non stop for Coffee with Milk and finishing up STAY as well as starting new projects.

I read this on one of my favorite instagrammers page.

Your last four months are going to be better than your last 8, say Amen and just watch!

So after my birthday I reckon that these last four are going to be great. Being Throwback Thursday, I was going through my SF pics and realized I hadn’t finished posting about our trip. This was our third week in the U.S. and the beginning of my love affair with San Francisco

After two days of relaxing off our road trip from Arizona we went straight into San Francisco City. We were staying in Alameda in the West End so it was close enough to the City.

We went to Haight Street that is a shopping heaven. I was so estatic to be there, you can’t even imagine how crazy I went on my first shopping trip. 

Beck’s 1st picture in the City on Haight Street.

The lovely Chelan at the best vintage store I have ever been to called Decades of Fashion. I have always wanted to host a 20’s themed party and my dress is definitely going to be from here when that time comes.

Definitely went to Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange.

Then it was dinner at the coveted Pacific Cafe. It was the first time I ever sat and waited in line to get into a restautarant. That wasn’t cute but we got free wine while we waited so we were quite happy by the time we made it inside for dinner.


Beck slept through the waiting game.

We finished the whole day watching the sunset at Lands End Lookout. This was so magical! I even have goosebumps remembering this experience. I have never been anywhere so beautiful in the world. I thought Manda Bay in Lamu was magical but this has definitely taken the cake.  


In the middle of the week I had to go to Walgreens so this was my first time driving in the U.S.  Over the whole trip I was lucky enough to drive the 2015 Acura RDX. I’m such a fan of American cars.  

At the end of this week we had Jason’s Family Reunion. Everyone was invited to meet Beck and I and  I was extremely nervous but it went great as Daphne and Meredith made me feel every bit at home. My highlight was meeting Jason’s grandmother April. I loved her feisty nature and we hit it off.  At 95, she is definitely the most courageous and motivated person I survived ever met.

Jason and his grandma April

Daphne, Meridith, April, Tony and Jason’s cousin Stacy.

I was so amazed to find this in Meredith’s house. Hello coincidink 😉

Family Portrait!
 Aden on Beck duty.
It was amazing to see Jason’s family  “ooooh” and “aaaaah” when we showed them episodes of Stay Season 2. It was great seeing how Jason connects with each family member as well, he always told me that being an only child he is the golden child in his family so they really love and spoil him.

Wow! Didn’t realize how much I missed SF, I can’t wait to share more of the holiday in the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend and Enjoy the pictures 😉

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