Hi Cashmere Lovers,

Every Thursday I’m faced with the reality that I’m not in San Francisco anymore. What I’m about to share was one of the most magical weekends ever.

While we are in the U.S. for the summer the Supreme Court passed the law that gay, bisexual and transgender couples could openly get married across the country.
I was extremely estatic at this news. I personally have friends that are gay and bisexual and this was the beginning of a great journey for most of them.

I absolutely had to go to the Gay Pride in San Francisco which was extremely befitting, I mean which other city in the world is swarming with people who have incredible openesss and live life so large??

We dropped off Beck and Jason’s aunt’s house Daphne and left him with her family for the day as we went into the City.

Below are some pictures that I took that day.

   Even God put his mark on the sky!!!

Yummy street food.    

You better werk!

After that we went to Haight Street again for some more shopping.  I got to go to Ambiance for the first time, they have great stuff in there that is slight expensive but really worth it and ofcourse raided Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads again and got amazing bargains!

I think it’s definitely time to post about my massive fashion haul for the whole trip. Stay tuned loves 😉

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