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Hi Cashmere Lovers,
Wow! Wow! This weekend I experienced the most amazing wedding ever. I have never been to a wedding so exquisite. Well, I haven’t been to that many weddings but this tops my list. The location was in Naivasha that’s 2 hours from Nairobi, and the lush grounds blew me away.

The wedding was set at Great Rift Valley Lodge which was great, I have great memories of going there  with my dad and siblings every Easter  when I was young. My family owned one of the villas as it custom at this particular lodge and so it was pretty much a staple quick getaway. It was amazing to go back and see how much it has changed. I remember it being so dusty and just deep into the wilderness but they have infrastructure being worked on from the highway to the lodge.

The guest list included 200 people of Marek and Annabel’s family and friends. Man, this wedding was star studded! It was great to be among friends that I actually wanted to see and catch up with because the norm is that we are always too busy in our different industries to catch up.

SautiSol was the chosen band of the whole wedding with short performances from Kevin Mbugua and Patricia Kihoro when the sun set. Karen Kaz Lucas and June Gichui were the mistresses of ceremony at the Reception and dinner, their banter was quite entertaining. Blinky Bill was the DJ of the night and he killed it! Emmanuel Jambo was the official photographer with Kelvin Muema as the head DOP and it was all made magical by Aura Event Planners. It was breathtaking!

So let me take you guys on how it all went down.

Jason and I drove down to the lodge with our Coffee with Milk cast on Friday. To kill 2 birds with 1 stone we chose to rent a house, The Maasai House 5 mins past the lodge and shoot our finale before releasing the cast and going to the wedding on Saturday.


Dress – Selfridges Bought from my InandOutFashionSale from @ingasonia ‘s closet.

Chloe inspired bag – Bought in Arizona U.S

Starbucks Cup – Starbucks Alameda, CA

Converse – Doumit Store, Alameda

Phone cover – @yayosmobile

1st Puncture – Last day of filming Coffee With Milk 

Annabel helped us with our car trouble. 

The house was very reminiscent of where Jason’s parents live in Arizona. I really loved the style of its architecture. It had 4 beautiful ensuite bathrooms that fit all of us. Our stars Jowy Kibugi and Eric Omondi came with their teams. We arrived at the house at 2pm and immediately started shooting into the night.    

The next day we also went off to shoot at Crescent Island and after having two punctures were almost late for the wedding. Well that’s what we thought. We had to leave the crew at 2:20pm and head back to the house and change to make it by 3pm. Jason drove like maniac through Naivasha town back into the lodge past it and to the house. That was 2:40pm. We gave ourselves 10 minutes to get changed.

Lucky enough I had to shoot outfits for the blog that morning so I had done my make up and hair and went to Coffee with Milk shoot in my jumpsuit.


Jumpsuit – Wapi Designer in SF, CA

Wedges – bday gift from Jason

Crown & Jewelry –  Charming Charlie in Alameda, CA

(Rushing from set, facial expressions are intentional)

Jason came up with the best caption

“Czech the time because we’re “russian”to see #marekwedsannabel”

So I had also unpacked and set out Jason’s and I outfits already so the changing part wasn’t hard. Touching up my make up on the ride back was like pulling teeth. It was hilarious!

We arrived the lodge to have a couple of the staff not even know where the wedding was so I was suffering in my heels way before I expected. It’s 2:59pm, we finally are shown where the wedding was and wait for it… We are the FIRST ONES on the scene. They were literally finishing up placing the seats. Jason and I couldn’t help but laughing hysterically at the whole ordeal.

Now this is a shout out to Fatema, the event planner, remember that promise you gave to us for being the very 1st guests? Imma call you later girl, I intend on reminding you of that promise 😉

Fatema let us know that the 3pm was actually meant for “guests to arrive” 😳

Jason making inquiries with one of the assistants.

    After taking a couple pics we went into the lodge to get some wine. We bumped met friends who were actually checking in at 3pm. I went off and touched up my make up then Jason and I then had a meal that we very much needed and some glasses of wine. We were joined by Marek and his groomsmen and we knew it was SHOWTIME!

How angelic do Marek’s cousins look

We all ushered to the grounds and everything set off pretty quickly. I love the fact that there wasn’t an MC at the ceremony itself, I tend to think they kind of waste time. The rehearsals must have been on point because the ceremony started and ended swiftly.


So before Annabel walked down the aisle, Bien started singing and thw waterworks exploded. It was actually quite embarrassing. I wasn’t even just tearing up, I was openly crying and I had packed a perfect personalized silk handkerchief but obviously left in the rush so I was just there like “head up, don’t ruin the make up”

Then she walked down the aisle and it was a sight to behold! Have I ever used those words? 😂😂😂 she was stunning in a beautiful gown by Galina Tatanirova, who is actually a local Kenyan designer. Loved that!

And she made her way to Marek of which the sat, scriptures were read then the young dot(com) pastor gave his sermon, rings and vows were exchanged and it was over. I think it was under 40minutes. While the bridal party took pictures on one end of the the golf course, the guests mingled and took their selfies and group photos as Kaz and June took over as mistresses of ceremony. It was a great change having a woman MC and even better that it was 2 of them. STANDARDS were heavenly raised!


We were then ushered to a waiting area where drinks were served. That was about an hour and once Marek and Annabel showed up, they took pictures with guests then we were ushered to the last venue. This was magical as seen below

Food was served in an orderly manner. They had an array of different stations. I definitely enjoyed the taco station and the pork was to die for. Speeches were kept brief by only the couples’ parents. I loved how Marek translated for his dad from Czech to English, quite unexpected!

After that SautiSol Sol performed and then Blinky Bill was on the decks. The lights were dimmed low and the party didn’t stop. At this point, I was very “happy” on some champagne.

I only remember taking a whole bunch of shaky selfies on my phone with like everyone and having a serious talk with Ann McCreath about our kids. I loved all her advice and insight.
I don’t remember how we got back to the house but woke up with a hangover that only the devil can bestow on you! We had to head home as it was the first time I had left Beck home alone with my mother for more than 12 hours.  

That was honestly a weekend that was needed. Jason and I finished yet another project together. We got to rekindle our flame. We also got to hang out with other married couples. Thank you from us to The Cellinis and The Mbuguas for making the whole experience even better. They are young married couples who have been married a year tops and so it was awesome being around them and talking about tons of things.

As ya’ll know Jason and I have been engaged 18 months and are in no particular rush to set a wedding date, I mean, The Fuchs’ got married after 8 years into their relationship so we have quite some time to catch up 😂😂😂

I wish the Fuchs’ all of my love, positive vibes, strength and happiness! Thank you for allowing Cashmere Moms to be part of your Union.

We hope for more posts with Beck’s future wife or best man 😉


  1. Looooove the images. The wedding was def amazing. The location omg the location !!!! You and Jason look great too. please don’t make us waif for 8 years.

    Always nice reading ur posts. xxx


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