Hi Cashmere Lovers
On my last week Stateside I started realizing I hadn’t done much nor seen enough! You know that feeling? When it’s almost your last day and you start to panic? That was our 4th week in SF.

Just wanted to share some amazing memories that will last with me forever. I honestly can’t wait to be back in a year’s time.

Amusement Park near Alameda, CA

IMG_1160IMG_1169 IMG_1164IMG_1183IMG_1189IMG_1166IMG_1202IMG_1184IMG_1181IMG_1207IMG_1215

A few days after that we went into the City and went to House of Air in Presidio as the boys wanted to have fun at the huge trampoline gallery

IMG_1290 IMG_1308

As the boys had their fun Beck and I ventured out to the bay where I met old Black American men fishing, tons of tourists and then there it was in the flesh, The San Francisco Bridge. I couldn’t believe it!!!! That was definitely one of the best days of my life. The feeling of completion overwhelmed me on how much my life had evolved and how blessed I am. You can see it in my smile for sure.


IMG_1311IMG_1284 IMG_1315

We passed by Clement Street which is the only place I visited whose salon prices were up to par. I struggled with salon visits for the 6 weeks as every salon I called needed an appointment like a week before and then the prices?!!!

I was utterly blown away by the prices so I did my hair and nails at home. The Vietnamese salons on Clement Street were of Kenyan prices so the next time I go back I’ll definitely try them out.

IMG_1340 IMG_1339

Then we went to the most magical place I have ever been in my life, The Lookout’s End where the Sutro Baths is situated. Sutro Baths is known as the largest and first indoor pool. It is now a beautiful ruin next to the ocean. This was my 2nd time there and I was definitely prepared for the SF weather so I changed in the car.



Can’t wait to post tomorrow hanging out with Dr. Nyon’go at our favourite winery in Alameda and sharing some of the best pictures of the houses in our neighbourhood.

Jusque la Cashmere Lovers 😉

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