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Hi Cashmere Lovers

Back again to more on Alameda. I really tried to squeeze in tons of things to do before I got back. On 2nd July after shopping in Berkeley Jason and I met up with our friend Omondi… I mean sorry Dr.Omondi Nyong’o at the Rock Wall Winery. I remember Beck running around the highly acoustic dome and flirting with the women there as Omondi told updated us on his work, his home and his hope to come to Nairobi soon. I really wanted to know his experience going with Lupita to all the award shows and the stories were as juicy as they could get. Gywneth Paltrow did what?! To who?  
My Boys 😉

My favorite part was when it was time to leave and Omondi showed us his new Tesla. I mean I literally had a heart orgasm looking at the car with its state of the art specs
  Later that evening, he invited is to his apartment in the heart of SF and  I can’t even start to mention how many things I loved about it. I actually wish I had taken some pictures and done a feature but I remember being so tired after a long day and we enjoyed his fireplace as he told us more and more about his life on SF
The next day was the 3rd, he day before Independence Day. It was a pretty chilled day for Beck and I as Jason and big boys went into the City. We went to Crab Cove Beach and Beck got to play a little in the sand. 

He was a tad sleepy so I decided to go shopping while he crashed on the rode there. I went to Charming Charlie for my Jewellery fix

Then Beck woke up very energized so we went back home and had to go for a walk.


I’m posting next on exploring our neighborhood in Alameda, California
Happy Friday 😉

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