Hi Cashmere Lovers,

Here are a couple pictures from our walk in the neighbourhood we lived in for our summer

So I took pictures of houses whose aesthetic I loved.Some were because of their architecture, others were because of the colours and contrast I liked. This house was opposite the one we stayed in on Nason Street. I heard that this house belongs to an artist. And he has those huge doors to ferry his art in and out of the house Hence the fact that it looks like a barn house


This one below is one of the bigger houses that I saw on the area, i loved the driveway leading up to the house 😉

I loved the basement door in this one.   

This was the day before 4th July so they were super ready for the day with the American flag hoisted.

Totally love the greys in this shot 😉


Totally loved all the free little libraries around the neighborhood. I hope to create some like these here in Kenya. Maybe we could start with our neighborhood.  

Finally that was the beautiful house we stayed in 😉

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