My Last week in the U.S of A

Hi lovelies

Finally we are here! Finally it was time for me to head back home and it was bittersweet! I was extremely happy to go back home and share my stories but really sad to be leaving this amazing city we know and love, San Francisco. 
We went to Japanese Tea Garden where I got some great gifts for my family.    


After that we took a beautiful drive down in the City where we experienced beautiful views.   

Then we went to The Ramp to grab some much needed food. I remember having one of their juicy steaks and slicing it good, it was soooo good.   

After that we were driving home and drove through the AT & T Stadium which we all know as the place Kamye proposed to Kim and on that day a game was going on 😉 

I totally loved experiencing this beautiful view of the City   

On my last day I parked all morning then went for last minute shopping for an extra bag as I had a ton of stuff to bring back home. 

We passed by Starbucks to get my beautiful coffee mug. ( pictured below on my 1st trip to our new mall Garden City) 

 That was my last meal before flying the next day 🍡🍛🍣

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