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Hi Cashmere Lovers,

We are back. Beck and I, after a hectic week shooting with Vice, we jetted off to Johannesburg for the tv conference, DISCOP SA. It was such a beautiful trip as we got to do some business at the conference with Jason then Beck and I got to have a great 1 week holiday with my family. My eldest sister Christine and the sister that follows me Cindy live there on their own since my mom moved back to Kenya to be with Beck and I. The little ones Camille and Charles also joined us here a couple of weeks back.

Anyway I have plenty of exciting posts on the whole trip and can’t wait to share. I’m also psyched to announce that I’m starting a new Youtube Channel for Beck and well yes Cashmere Moms so we can share our day to day lives in between those Instagram posts and Cashmere Moms articles. I’m very excited to share what Beck and I get up to on a daily basis and share with moms, moms to be and even future moms on how we try to survive.

Ok now I’m going on and on but should actually get centred on our Halloween this year. Corder Productions was fortunate to have VICE from Canada coming to the country to follow and showcase Jason and I as filmmakers in East Africa. We were so chaffed and excited that they found our show Coffee with Milk the most appealing within our entertainment industry. they were here for two weeks of which they shot with Housewives of Kawangware then us 🙂 YAY US!

We started shooting Coffee with Milk season 2 at the time that they were shooting us, so we had quite a few events throughout the week  with the Coffee with Milk cast to show the VICE crew how we shoot for the show and here they are 🙂


VICE interviewed Jason and I on our lives, relationship, work and everything Coffee with Milk. We had a ton of talk on race too which was very interesting 🙂

Day 2: Nairobi Arboretum Shoot with our stars Jowy, Eric and Chantal

Then we headed to DusitD2 for Eric and Curtis Cook’s one on one as stand up comedians

2015-10-29 19.14.07


Chantal and Brannan ( Eric Omondi and Curtis Cook’s girlfriends

Day 3: : Thinks and Drinks event at iHub where we had FOUR speakers speaking on different things for our audience.

The Event Photographer, Maryanne Mumbi and her beautiful friends.



The front row was for our Coffee with Milk cast and the speakers of the event 🙂

Day 4: Halloween Event hosted by Corder Productions & Eric Omondi at Village Market

All the pictures on this night were taken by my little sister Camille who is fast becoming my protegee

Day 5: Hike in Kibiko. We had a short hike in Kibiko where we shot Stay Season 2 then went over to Kwame’s house for a thank braai to the VICE team and they ended up interviewing Kwame to which was totally amazing! His wife Sonia and him were such beautiful hosts.

Overall the whole experience was great. We are great fans of VICE as a network so it was out of this world having them following us around. It was a different change for me being miced all day and knowing Tremblay (the team’s sound guy) was listening in to everything I said.

Fun Fact about Tremblay: he has worked with Drake on Degrassi and even calls him by his name as “Aubrey did this Aubrey did that”. We made really good friends with the whole team and can’t wait until our episode airs. I promise to share the news as soon as we get it 🙂


Have a great week Cashmere Lovers 🙂


  1. Hey Claire, I was just checking out the trailer for Stay on YouTube and I was wondering where I can actually watch the series. does it air on a specific channel or straight to DVD?


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