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Hi Cashmere Lovers

I hope you are all having a great Hump Day, I’m now getting back to the swing of things with projects finished and a promising holiday ahead. Today I’m waiting for something to go through so I hope that yields all of God’s goodness. As you guys might know I also started a vlog for Beck and I on YouTube where I just document our day to day lives. Beck had grown so much that pictures don’t do him any justice anymore. Here’s the link on the videos we have done so far for the past 2 weeks Cashmere Moms YouTube . I didn’t quite realize how much work it all comes to as I shoot, edit, post and P.R everything but I’m actually enjoying it and that makes it easier.
Anywho today’s post is on the events Beck and I went to in November since we got back from SA. Almost immediately I left Beck at home with Jason and went to the Republi.ke Launch, which is a consignment store of sorts that’s stocks most brands like Missguided, H&M, F&F among other of my favorite brands and to say I’m obsessed with the store is an understatement. It’s owned by Annabel Onyango and Emma Caddy and I have been dying to have a store like this in Nairobi because online shopping comes with its multitude of problems i.e Customs. So going straight into a store that I almost 100% get something I like is heaven to me. This happened a month after Marek and Annabel’s wedding which seems to be s perfectly synchronized match 😉

Here are some pictures from the event.

With Michelle and Wendy

With Eddie Kirindo

Sautisol Sol and team. They got to see their album cover for Live and Die in Afrika for the 1st time at the event. It was all orchestrated by Mia Collis

  With Annabel Onyango


With Emma Caddy
 Taio on the Decks here.   With the newlyweds, The Fuchs’

 Bankslave did a piece on the store’s entrance    We were too happy!!!!
The pieces and goodies I got at the launch. Always been a fan of butlers but I think Magnum is the new Christmas Fav 😉  

Siblings Thrift Social III was that Sunday and although it was a cold day, droves of people were there. I always love this event for its quirkyness and 2ManySiblings outdid themselves. It was a huge improvement from the first one from the location to the food available to the vendors

The only thing that was a mishap was the music, (again) that kept cutting off and was too loud for anyone to carry conversations. Poor Beck, his little ears couldn’t even deal and after about 40 minutes, a purchase and a Chicken Fela burger from Mama Rocks, we went home.   
At Kenyan Vintage stand

      With my brothers from another mother, Antony and Moses 👊🏿

   With Bri Bri, Owner of fashion line, Yedu   Beck met Uncle Chim and Aunt Chiki

 My boys, my little brother Charles with Beck    We all know and love Blinky Bill

 It was great meeting these 3 best friends by the Mama Rocks Foodtruck. 

 When are they going to fix the roads so my baby can ride without “cutting corners” 😂😂😂😂
Thanks for reading this blog post Cashmere Moms Lovers. Please head over to our YouTube page for more yumminess and have a great end of the week


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