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Hi lovelies

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you enjoyed your holidays with your loved ones and got some time to rejuvenate and are now back to work in full swing. It’s been harder here in Cashmere Moms Land to adjust back from the holidays.  I’m still missing all the family that came to visit and those we saw. Beck and I have also been a bit sick with the flu so it’s made it even harder.

Anyway onto brighter things, I was looking through my pictures and noticed that I never posted these pictures that my sister, Cindy took when we visited her in SA. If you follow my IG or Cashmere Moms Youtube page, you have definitely seen her.

Well, Cindy is my 21 year old sister who is just as beautiful as she is talented. I thought I was the only one who was going to do this “artistic gypsy” lifestyle  thing but Cindy has recently shown to be quite the photographer.

I love having my photos taken and I was so excited to have her indispensable to me over our visit. Just literally 2 years back I would beg, bribe and even threaten her to take my pictures and now it’s not even a problem. When we visited I took advantage of this and we ended up creating some beautiful looks.

The pictures below came from a completely unplanned shoot. We were at the O.R Tambo airport for some errands and shopping when Cindy got her camera out in parking lot, put on the timer and VOILA!



This next set of pictures were as a result to the Victoria Secret’s yearly Runaway Show. I have never quite walked on any runaway musch less modelled professionally as it’s always been a dream of mine.

Watching the Victoria’s Secret show every year gives me LIFE!!! So we pieced up some beach and lingerie looks and i werked it honey 😉



The 2nd look in a blue kimono.


On another day, Cindy took pictures of me for a PUNK inspired look. The shoes were a gift from Jason from one of his work trips to Argentina and while I haven’t had a place to wear them here in Nairobi, I lugged them into my suitcase for this shoot.







There you have it, I hope you liked the looks. Please let me know which looks were your favorite in the comment section and kindly follow Cindy’s IG for more of her personal photography. Her photography company is called CL Cashmere Photography  Please check it out 😉

Have an amazing week Cashmere lovelies. Can’t wait to share on our trip to Amsterdam over Christmas Holidays.



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