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Hi Lovelies

I hope you have been enjoying the month of February, I was so happy when February rolled in as February happens to be one of my favourite months. There’s something very delicate and beautiful about this month. I mean obviously we know it’s the month of love so that definitely has something to do with it. Personally February is usually a month where I experience a lot of growth and positive things in my life. Unfortunately I have been terribly sick since the holidays. It seems like post-partum, my body has been very susceptible to infections. I don’t know what experiences my fellow moms and readers have had but it’s a multitude of things. I haven’t had a goodnights sleep since my third trimester, trying to eat better, getting back to the workforce, trying your best to keep it sane for friends and family and raising a human being who relies on you for everything. It’s been really challenging but I take it day by day.

I fell horribly sick last week before Valentines Day ;( and my illness was so life threatening and I realised how short life can be. So moving forward I’m feeling better by the day and I’m also craving a healthier lifestyle, I want to add a ton of weight and basically take better care of myself.

Despite all that’s happening with my health right now, my pregnancy was the best time of my life in terms of my health, I am constantly looking at old pictures and dreaming of getting that body back. I really miss the level of confidence I experienced then as well as eating all the time because Beck needed it and I’m constantly obsessing over how cute my butt grew 😉 and how plump my face was. I know most of you reading this are probably like aaargh, what can she really say about her body? I’m sure many of you have heard of body shaming (there’s skinny shaming and fat shaming) and I have experienced a lot of body shaming because of my weight. It’s like I’m not allowed to complain and speak of any of my body issues that I have because I have a lean body but the truth is every woman has their own struggles with their bodies and I’m no different. My struggles have become very apparent after having Beck. As a consequence of breastfeeding him his first year, I have lost more weight than needed and while breastfeeding was fun, huge boobs weren’t and the remnants of that even worse. This has definitely dented the confidence I had pre-baby and is something I work on day by day.

So last night, as one does when experiencing extreme insomnia, I bumped into pictures dated 2 years today. The story behind the pictures relates to the heading of this blog post, I was about 3/4 months pregnant and dealing with all the body changes I miss. My sister Marie had come over to keep me company for the weekend and that Sunday, we were going to my Aunts, (my moms big sister) to tell her I was pregnant. Until then only my parents and siblings knew of my pregnancy and since my bump was starting to show, it was time to start sharing with my extended family and friends.

So the idea was that Marie was supposed to take pictures of me revealing my bump but I ended up taking some obscure shots as I was still very unsure. I finally posted a picture hiding the bump as I decided to take more time.  I chose to wait until I hit the 20 week mark with an even healthier baby and better progress. i eventually only revealed to the rest of the work at about 6 months and was very happy with my decsion to do so.Anywho let’s get to it, below are the pictures

Dress – Gift from Jason

Purse – Gift from my oldest friend Susan

Hat and Boots – Woolworths


Wow I have tons of memories of this day, especially the food my Aunt fed me and the hug she gave me when I told her. I don’t even understand why I was nervous. I think I’m going to wear this same outfit soon only I desperately need to get my hair and nails did.

Of course I have to give you tips on How to Hide Your Pregnancy. Everyone has their reasons and no one should judge you for that

  1. Keep your circle small, You want to share your precious moments with people you love and will only feed you positive energy that will radiate to your baby
  2. Dress for success girl, you can alway wear something chic or decide to change your style to boho chic, google Nicole Richie. Scarves and Accessories really help drape your body well. Wear dark coloured tops and printed bottoms really distract the eye from the bump.
  3. Don’t let yourself go, your body is changing and you should accept the changes and accommodate them. Always find something that gives you confidence whether it’s doing your hair and nails, reading, going to the movies. Getting on with your daily life will put your mind off trying to hide something so beautiful.
  4. When it comes to more social settings, taking pictures for example, take them facing the camera directly than from the side. You can use your hand, purse or object to strategically take a good photo. SMILE, trust me all they will be looking at is your face 😉
  5. Socially, if you are a person who likes to go out with friends you haven’t told about your pregnancy well drinking is usually involved. Ordering a non alcoholic drink that mirrors your usual drink helps. Say you like to drink vodka on the rocks, you could guise that with ordering a lime and lemonade on rocks or if  you like rose, order the closest red grape drink available, ask for it to be served in a champagne glass and pop in a strawberry, the key is to confide in the waiter discreetly and don’t forget to tip 😉
  6. When it comes to your working environment, it’s always probably a good idea to speak to someone you trust in H.R, pregnant women have rights and you shouldn’t be afraid to exercise them. If you have an job interview, its probably not a great idea to reveal it at the actual interview, if shortlisted and a contract is offered then using any research you have done on the company, it’s would be wise to speak to HR.
  7. Finally if you have to hide your pregnancy from the father of the baby , your parents or siblings, you have to seriously evaluate what kind of relationships you have with them individually and work at improving them so that you are in a state to share the good news. At the end of the day all pregnant women need support so find that person who you can share your progress and thoughts with.

Thanks for reading and to moms out there currently pregnant, you had better werk girl and embrace it with all you have got. To moms who are at my stage dealing with a talking, walking, screaming almost 2 year old, I salute you on all you do for your babies. We hardly get the appreciation for all that we do and I’ll start with giving you a pat on the back and a huge kiss and hug 😉

Have an amazing week Cashmere Moms Lovers 😉


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