Hi Lovelies

Today has been one of those Saturdays, the kind where you have absolutely nothing to do so you start to panic. I had such a fruitful work week, Jason just came back home from 2 weeks away in Nepal, they boys are back here from their moms too and Beck is the most ecstatic child in the world having everyone around.

I had the chance to back up my computer and work stuff as well as the blog and realised I had never written a supporting blog post to the vlog I uploaded to our youtube page. So here are some pictures from our last holiday over the Christmas holidays in Amsterdam. Jason,myself and the boys went to meet Jason’s parents halfway in Amsterdam to spend Christmas together.


Day  1IMG_9005

Day 2IMG_9036IMG_9050IMG_9052IMG_9058

De BijenkorfIMG_9081IMG_9084IMG_9094IMG_9095

Beck’s Grandparents 🙂

Christmas Day




Christmas Night

Day 4


Date Night


Back to Nairobi


Looking through these pictures I can’t wait for our next holiday. I’m planning on our next one being during Beck’s birthday over the summer in June. We really don’t have a defined plan but I’ll sure let you know as soon as I know.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and follow our Cashmere Moms Youtube Page as well as follow us on IG

Kisses and Have a great weekend


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