Cashmere Wear


Hi Lovelies

This rainy weather is so depressing laawd. I don’t know about you guys but if I had to choose I would love in Sunny Los Angeles all year.

Rain, Dampness, Wind and I will not be creating a band lol 😉 😉 The only thing I love about this weather is the fashion. I almost survived Amsterdam  because every morning, the possibility of feeling fresh and beautiful with an array of beautiful fashion choices was ✨🙌🏿⭐️  an amazing feeling.

So this week I pulled out some of  favourites out of my closest and made my 2nd Cashmere Moms Look book Video. Kindly check out on my Cashmere Moms YouTube Page

Here are some of the stills I took


Knit Sweater – Mr. Price Midrand

Necklace – H&M


Knit Sweater – Gift from Argentina

Leather tights – Mr.Price Midrand

Boots – Mr.Price Garden City (men’s shoe wear)


Knit Sweater – 1st purchase at the 1st Siblings Thrift Social possibly from Velma Rose’s closet.


Fur Vest – Berkeley, CA

Leather Dress – Thrifting

Dress – Mr. Price Midrand

Poncho – store in Alameda , California

Sunnies – Rayban

Fur Vest – Berkeley, California

Jumpsuit – Christmas gift from Aden from The Six in Amsterdam

Hat – Kenyan Vinatge

Necklace – H&M

Sunnies – Oakley

Cuff on left wrist – Masai Market town

Fur – The Six in Amsterdam

Dress – Genie Effects

Heels – Backyard Shoes


Jacket (worn as a dress) –

Heels – Backyard Shoez



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