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Hi Lovelies

It’s such a beautiful day today. It’s our birthday. ITS OUR BIRTHDAY!!!! Cashmere Moms has turned 2. YAY! Beck also turned 2 about a month ago so it’s all beautifully synchronized πŸ™‚

Give me a moment while I jump around crazily with Beck. This morning he sang “Happy Birthday to Cashmere Moms” and it was the sweetest. My family has been having a series of birthdays since April so he has had his practice and knows the song fully now πŸ˜‰

I remember 2 years ago when I started this blog. I had always wanted to start one but didn’t know what to post about. Fashion blogs were at an all time high and as much as I loved and could talk about fashion for hours, I just didn’t see how I could make that translate on the page and stand out from what was currently on the market.

Not so many people know the story behind Cashmere Moms so here it is…

I fell pregnant with Beck away from home. Well Kenya is my hometown but South Africa is my home. I found myself in Nairobi alone with my mother and sisters so far away. Also reconnecting with my family here after being away for 10 years was proving difficult so I more or less went through my pregnancy on my own, learning everything as I went.

I tackled the appointments, body changes, morning sickness and everything new all on my own. I remember in the beginning of my pregnancy Jason was off in Lamu writing season 1 of STAY so I had moved in to a new town, new home and was basically my own champion. Looking through the Internet for inspiration, I was disappointed by the lack of content I could connect with. You know being a young modern working mom living in Africa. Every link I pressed led me to some link in the US or UK, selling and showing me products I could only access if I ordered and shipped back here, which is another nightmare on it’s own.

And so with that need to make something homegrown and true to myself, Cashmere Moms was born. I wanted to share my experience and hope that it would inspire, encourage women just like me going through what I was. I incorporated my love of fashion and film and it’s been such a great journey.

The name Cashmere Moms came from my love of Cashmere and all things luxurious and expensive. I believe that Cashmere Β and a hot cup of hot chocolate can solve many problems and maintain calm into ones soul. Being a mom is the hardest and not so glamorous job but so many of us women do it and without question, it’s natural. So with those two entities Cashmere Moms was born. Cashmere Moms is the place any parent is accepted for doing all the hard work that needs to be done but also not forgetting who they are, what makes you happy outside of parenthood and keeping it together for the other aspects of your life to thrive be it at work, at church, at home with your friends and family. Cashmere Moms is all about finding that balance.

Phew! That was a lot. I will be posting a video next week with the same so for those who like the YouTube page more, You’re Welcome! Go now and check out Beck’s 2nd Birthday Video NOW and SUBSCRIBE!!!

I’ll share some pictures from his actual birthday as well as a shoot that Ivy Stephanie came and did at our house for StyleYetu website.

Enjoy and look out for a new and fresh and revamped Cashmere Moms this year. I promise to get my life together and post consistently πŸ˜‰

I will post a new video every Wednesday with blog post on Thursday and Saturday πŸ˜‰

Our Cake Inspiration

Theme One: Race Car Theme

Theme Two: Peppa Pig (Beck’s fav cartoon thanks to our Netflix and Chill sessions)

The result. Thanks to Cake Walk for making it in less than 24 hours. Everything we planned was so last minute as I just had a lot on my plate over the past few months πŸ™‚

I took mostly videos of the whole event for our YouTube Channel. Check it out and SUBSCRIBE

Above are pictures from our StyleYetu shoot at home πŸ˜‰ Thanks Ivy you’re a rockstar. Can’t wait until you share the rest of the pictures πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to share what we have on store for you guys this year. Thank you for following our journey πŸ˜‰

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