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Hi Lovelies

It’s been quite some time since I wrote on the blog. Our Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat have been more active than my other social platforms. Well so many changes as usual, the world keeps spinning and we need to keep living. Beck and I have been slowly adjusting to just being the two of us since my separation with his father.

It’s been a long hard road but a year later we are doing good. This is what I have seen on social media to be know as the “Glo-Up” 🙂 . I have been focusing on myself and healing from my broken relationship and most important raising the reason this blog started. My precious Beck.

Here are some pictures I took of us this morning on Snapchat.

He makes my heart melt so much 🙂

Beck is now 3 years old. So grown and talkative, very adventurous, madly stubborn. I mean the fights we have are monumental. Mamas can say AMEN with me on how it is trying to reason with a toddler. I have learnt to be very patient with him. The term “it’s never that serious” has become more and more relevant in our lives.

We are also living in a new home which I absolutely love. Once I saw the bathroom with it’s all white walls and wooden floors, my heart was complete. My view every morning from the kitchen and bedroom is also quite breathtaking, which makes working from home so pleasant.

Bedroom View

Kitchen View

Anyway let’s get to the point of the title of this blog post. I was the first of my friends and family to have a baby and while that was a lonely time for me in terms of relating with my sisters and girlfriends, with Beck turning 3 there’s so many blessings happening to my “people’s” lives. My awesome cousin Clive just became a dad, I just got the news this morning then my older sister @cashmeredolly gave birth to my nephew Cai Blue Jawichre on January 17th  (how cool is that name? SO ROCKSTAR!!!) and I also recently got news that a friend of mine is expecting.

Whats app conversations have gone from ” where are we going for happy hour?” to “send me ideas for a baby shower” and “how did you deal with Beck’s diaper rash” which he never had by the way. One of my proudest moments is how soft his little tush is. Oh gosh, I’m such a mom !

Having a baby I can say has been the proudest moment of my life, it has given me so much purpose being a mom and watching my little human grow and learn and he teaches me so much about myself that I will forever cherish. While I have no plans to have another baby soon, I can’t wait till I have to announce my nephew/nieces arrival. That’s when all the planning that make me jelly comes and sending pretty invites for baby parties and playdates. I always use Basic Invite which is a one stop shop for making all the invites you need that are baby related. My favorite part is their envelopes, they are die for, I recently spent hours creating a baby announcement and my ovaries ached at the result of my work. If anyone knows me you know I am a sucker for Thank You cards which I got a lot of praise from Beck’s two baby showers, so those I can’t wait to send too.

Looking forward to blogging more and also can’t wait until my sister, Christine is ready to be featured on my Cashmere Guest Mom Segment.

Check out Basic Invite on these links on your social platform of choice





Have a great weekend my Cashmere Lovelies




  1. That marble in the bathroom, is literally goals. Lovely post; it’s always refreshing to see women picking themselves up and getting stronger after whatever situations.


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