Hey Lovelies

Again January was a hectic month. It’s February and like I said last year, my year will always start in February so 2018 began 4 days ago 😉 lol . Happy 2018 Lovelies, I hope February is bringing you a lot of love, light, happiness and health.

Ok so the December holidays, Pablo invited Beck and I to visit his family. I was so excited the first time he told me about the trip. We had wanted to go to SA to see my family for the holidays but they were coming to visit and so France seemed like a fair choice. Planning the trip was pretty easy, I was the only one who had to get a visa and that went pretty swift.

The plan was to go directly to Pablo’s parents house, break off for a couple of days to see his best friend then back to his parents house when his grandparents’ arrived for Christmas, finally the toast of it all was arriving Paris before our flight back to Nairobi. It was 13 days of pure bliss.

Beck got to experience winter like never before, he got a bit sick but the whole family came together to help me take care of him. My  highlights for the trip were definitely meeting his family, seeing Beck interact with them especially Pablo’s siblings, lot os wine, Chinon is my favorite, lots of cheese and just love and laughter. The day, i went to the Eiffel Tower so ultimately my favorite day of 2017.

Here are the pictures:

Poitiers, France

Tours, France



Paris, France



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