One morning when I was 30 weeks pregnant, a myriad of questions were going through my mind about what to expect once my son Beck was born. Living far away from my mother, sometimes it just wasn’t as easy to have my questions answered.  Also living in Africa (Kenya and South Africa specifically), where old wives’ tales seem to reign, most of them did not apply to any of the situations I faced in my pregnancy. Luckily, I found a beautiful friendship with women who had also become new mothers and who helped me gain insight on what was to come.

So in our blog-loving world Cashmere Moms was born. As I share my motherhood experience,I hope that this blog provides solace, love and support to mothers-to-be, new mothers and women who want to be mothers.

BECK MEETS features the important people who are part of Beck’s life.

CASHMERE GUEST MOMS will be featured regularly with specific topics explored, critiqued and realized.

My Baby Story:

I gave birth to my beautiful boy on the 18th of June 2014 and it was like nothing I have ever experienced in my very short life. His birth was the first miracle that I experienced first hand. I just can’t believe that I had this beautiful human growing inside me and he is finally here. He is now 23 days old and I can attest to the fact that being Beck’s mother makes my sense of purpose even stronger.  I’m taking it day by day as I learn something new each day.

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My Story:

I am a Film &  TV director working out of Nairobi and Johannesburg. My past projects include working for EbonyLive TV (channel 165) on DSTv and Kenya’s leading Drama Series STAY and Reality TV Show COFFEE WITH MILK

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